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With several years of experience in the sector, in our company, Riggersa Construcciones S.L., we work both in new construction and in comprehensive reforms for single-family homes, in addition to the rehabilitation of homes in Madrid, printing our seal of quality and commitment on all projects, accompanying our clients every step of the way for their complete satisfaction. We are an expert company in:

  • Commercial premises.
  • Project study.
  • Interior designs and projects.
  • Personalized advice.
  • Elimination of architectural barriers.

  • Building maintenance.
  • Architectural projects.
  • Residential, commercial and dotacional building.

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Comprehensive reforms
Commercial premises
Project study
Interior design
Personalized advice
Rehabilitation and reform of a single-family home
Elimination of architectural barriers
Building maintenance

We carry out home renovation in Madrid

If you are thinking of doing any rehabilitation or construction of housing in Madrid, do not hesitate to contact us. In the sector we are recognized for always understanding the client and knowing exactly what they want to make a reality, we make your idea a reality, what's more, no client has had to worry about anything after contracting with us, because we become charge of everything from the beginning. We base ourselves on the budget you have and we adapt so that you can achieve the reform or construction of your dreams. At Riggersa Construcciones S.L., we are the construction and renovation company you need.

The extensive experience that supports us as experts in home construction, has meant that we have a lot of loyal customers on our agenda, who have always been satisfied with the results we have achieved.

So if you have a rehabilitation idea in mind and want to make it a reality, it is best to contact us and let yourself be advised by experts. We offer tailored services based on the needs of each of our clients and of course, on the ideas they have in their minds; You will only have to tell us what it is and we will take care of giving you the best advice so that the result is as you imagine it.